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Dental Facelift versus Modern Cosmetic Facelift

Michael Lyons, MD,FACS

The Dental Facelift increases the vertical height of the lower one third of the face with restorations and acrylic splints in the first stage of treatment. The second stage involves permanent restorations with widening of the maxillary arch.

Through a process of muscle stretching, initiation of growth factors, and effectively repositioning the mandible anteriorly, Dr. N.K. Mohindra has achieved an over 80% subjective improvement in appearance in the lower 1/3rd of the aging face.

The Oralift Brace seems to have emerged as a result of this occlusive restructuring to mimic these same changes performed with advanced restorative dentistry. The dental procedures and the mouth piece enhance the appearance of the facial skin, facial muscles, and facial bones. Subjectively a 5 to 20 year rejuvenation is seen as judged by participants and a panel of judges.

The Modern Cosmetic Facelift procedure effects changes in the lower 2/3rds of the face and a browlift {for the upper 1/3rd} can be added to complete the rejuvenation process.

The cosmetic facelift has been performed with different methods for over 80 years whereas the dental facelift was begun 10 years ago. The modern day Cosmetic Facelift includes a less invasive surgical technique relying on Micro cannula liposuction, Laser Skin Tightening with sculpting, and advanced Threadlift techniques to obtain results that truly mimic a ten to fifteen year age reversal.

Most Modern Facelifts employ filling agents: fat grafts, Radiesse, or Restylane to enhance midfacial and perioral deficiencies of facial skin, facial muscle, and facial bone. Stem Cells have been reported in the harvested fat grafts which stimulate collagenesis.

Chemical Peels and Lasers have also enhanced collagen in the dermis with a direct influence on these tissues. Botox has reduced the need for more aggressive muscle severing, and endoscopes have enabled surgeons to perform their rejuvenative procedures with small puncture sites.

Most facelift patients enjoy an over 90% subjective appearance enhancement for a documented 10-12 year period. In conclusion I feel as though it would be difficult to compare these two procedures as equals.

Both Facelift Procedures enhance the aging face's appearance but one simply relying on alveolar height adjustment and growth factors for facial skin, facial muscle, and facial bone enhancement in the Dental Facelift versus a direct repositioning of facial skin, tightening of facial muscles, and implanting filling agents to aid in the soft tissue and boney deficiencies addressed in the Cosmetic Facelift.

When combined, one certainly could witness a synergy with each procedure enhancing one another for the continued improved appearance of the aging face.

Michael Lyons, MD,FACS
Alabama Noninvasive Plastic Surgery
3664 College Lane South
Mobile, Alabama 36608
(251) 344-0044

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