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Dental Photography contained in this gallery represents real case histories and treatment plans belonging to patients who have been treated by dentists in their community. Before and after photos and actual picture sequences of procedures and dental surgery are provided for detail.

Tooth Grille Damage - Milwaukee WI

Tooth jewelery, precious metal grilles and various piercing treatments within the oral cavity area are quite popular with certain patient groups.

Grille Picture Milwaukee Jewelry
Jeweler Crafted

As with any treatments that involve adding elements of change that have the potential of interacting with soft tissues, hard tissues and overall occlusion... unwelcomed events sometimes do occur.

This young male patient paid $700 to a jeweler who made a precious metal, gold, grille that was cast from impression molds provided by the jeweler.

Unfortunately, a dentist was not involved nor consulted.

Gold Jewelry
Gold Cosmetics
Within just 2-3 days our young patient was wearing his gold grillework. Pictured here, the cosmetic effects are quite dramatic... as is many tooth jewelery treatments.

The gold metal adds a precise thickness of product that provides a veneer - like effect upon each tooth. This thickness of metal added to the biting edges of all 8 anterior teeth, however, changes the occlusal properties of the patient's bite quite substantially.

Simply stated, you can't add to some teeth and not others and have a normal bite. The teeth that hit first (the gold teeth) applies force factors on the teeth like a class 1 lever. This causes occlusal traumatism, widening of the periodontal ligament, pain, sensitivity or fracture.

Broken Grille Teeth
Broken Anteriors
The $700 cosmetic makeover has now become a $4500 reconstructive treatment that requires root canals, crown build ups and posts.

Because of the patient being young, the cosmetic dentistry will probably have to be repeated a few times during his lifetime due to normal wear and tear... increasing the total cost even more.

Photography provided by:
Richard Winter, DDS MAGD
5323 W. Hampton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53218
(414) 464-9021

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