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Dental Photography contained in this gallery represents real case histories and treatment plans belonging to patients who have been treated by dentists in their community. Before and after photos and actual picture sequences of procedures and dental surgery are provided for detail.

Porcelain Dental Reconstruction

Cosmetic Anterior Reconstruction versus Dentures

Cosmetic Before Picture After Picture
Before After

Our patient had severe periodontal disease and her last dentist doomed her to lose all her teeth and use a denture for the rest of her life.

With periodontal treatment and extensive porcelain reconstruction, including crown and bridge work, we were able to restore optimal dental function (bite occlusion) and overall oral health.

The after photo shows the impact of a "makeover experience". Her manner of dress, personality and demeanor changed dramatically.

She was able to wake up to a beautiful smile and has been smiling ever since. Cosmetic dentistry can change a lot more then just teeth.

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