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Dental Photography contained in this gallery represents real case histories and treatment plans belonging to patients who have been treated by dentists in their community. Before and after photos and actual picture sequences of procedures and dental surgery are provided for detail.

Cosmetic Flipper Alternative - Troy Michigan

Missing two teeth flipper treatment
Bar Fight - Missing Anteriors
Prosthetic dental flippers are probably considered the "standard choice" when developing a short term cosmetic solution for a missing tooth... or perhaps a few missing teeth.

Traditional flipper prosthetics do a great job as a cosmetic treatment... and can be quite useful when additional treatments are being planned for the future... which might include implant replacement of the missing tooth or even bridgework.

In terms of dental function, most dentists agree that flippers aren't really designed to eat with. Some folks may remove the flipper while eating... others may alter their food choices, say during lunch hour, so the flipper doesn't require removal that might cause embarrassment.

Flippers and Future Treatments

Missing two teeth flipper treatment
Invisible Clear Retainer Flipper Alternative
Patients who have begun preparations for a more permanent solution that solves the cosmetic aspect and functional aspects of tooth replacement(s) will want to focus on tissue development (healing of the gingiva) and/or perhaps treatment that re-fortifies the underlying bone structure of the affected site.

In the case of extractions or trauma, some degree of bone grafting or socket grafting may be in order. In the situation where a disease process is involved, other treatments may be indicated.


Flipper prosthetics typically rest on gum tissue and have a mass of acryclic substructure that attaches, in very creative ways, to adjacent tooth structures.

Depending on the design and complexity of the flipper prosthesis, lifestyle characteristics and eating habits of patients, prolonged use may cause wear and tear on gum tissue. Bone loss (resorption) can also be expected to occur (due to no stimulation) in and around the affected sites.

Missing tooth sites that are undergoing bone or soft tissue graft healing will be especially sensitive to the treatment of choice for addressing a cosmetic issue.

Clear Retainer - False Teeth Combo Solution

Missing two teeth flipper treatment
Prosthodontic Retainer?
Custom clear retainers, similar to the Invisalign product that has become so popular, have been used by some dentists as a means of providing a satisfactory cosmetic result for missing teeth.

Retainers are designed to rest on tooth structures and in most cases, the entire arch of teeth. Prosthetic teeth are combined with the retainer, filling in the areas of missing teeth.

Normal biting forces are distributed across the entire arch, creating a definite, beneficial effect for tooth sites that are healing from routine surgery, tissue augmentation or bone grafting.

Cosmetic False Teeth Retainer
Flipper Free Tooth Replacement
Tissue grafting can require several months for optimal healing.

The "retainer-style-prosthesis" overcomes the possible friction factors associated with traditional flippers, is comfortable to wear and produces a pleasing cosmetic appearance.

Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.
Michigan Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan MI 48083
(248) 457-0500

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