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Multimedia Productions in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dental Procedures

Two Video Libraries are available for finding demonstrations and/or live surgery examples of the concepts and procedures discussed here:
1. Local Video Library (limited - you are here now)
2. National Video Library (large)
  • Bruxzir Zirconia Crown Technology
    The Bruxzir Crown has the unique distinction of being virtually indestructible. A Zirconia product, dentists are discovering endurance qualities that can be ideal for patients who are known bruxers who routinely damage even the best of restorative products. Watch this unbelievable video that demonstrates how a heavy hammer is used to test the Bruxzir product alongside other known porcelain crown products.

  • Receding Gum Root Coverage - Growing New Lower Gum Tissue
    Tunnel Graft Procedure VERY GRAPHIC: Periodontal tunneling is a popular and effective grafting procedure to augment or replenish lost or compromised tissue. See how the gingival tissues are prepared for tunneling and the actual process of moving the graft material through the tunnel into precise locations. A proprietary suturing technique is used to create the normal snug fit for each anterior tooth while simultaneously raising the gum line higher, thereby reversing the appearance of a minor receding gum line. Video footage provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS, Long Island, NY.

  • Receding Gum Root Coverage - Growing New Upper Gum Tissue
    Upper Tunnel Graft Procedure VERY GRAPHIC: In this video the tunneling procedure is used to augment gum tissue in the Upper Jaw. Several adjacent teeth are showing signs of thinning root coverage. See how the procedure and specialized suturing methods are performed that moves the gum line into a healthier location.

    Video footage provided by Edward Brant, DDS, MS, Long Island, NY.

  • Canine Cosmetics: Replacing What Mother Nature Forgot
    Implants for Canines Eye Teeth Congenitally missing teeth are really not all that uncommon, representing two of the most common birth defects that occur in dentistry. Orthodontics and Maryland bridges are popular choices for correcting the cosmetic appearance of missing teeth. Dental implants however are the only products that stimulate and preserve jawbone in exactly the same fashion that Mother Nature does with natural teeth. See how congenitally missing teeth are prepared for modern dental implants. Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

  • Broken Teeth Cosmetics: Out with the Old, In with New Implant Teeth
    Broken Teeth Replacement Jaw Trauma Repair Sports activities and automobile accidents are two of the most common causes of severe trauma to the anterior jaw and teeth. The cosmetic effects of having broken and missing front teeth are quite dramatic and can cause a beautiful smile to look goofy. See how dental implant procedures incorporating GTR membranes and injectable bone graft products are used to refortify bone health for future implant tooth replacements. Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

  • Cosmetic Alternatives: Budget Makeovers
    Makeovers on a Budget Patients looking for immediate affordable workarounds for different types of cosmetic outcomes for their teeth that won't break the bank are discussed and demonstrated in this video. Eliminating teeth gaps with composite bonding instead of expensive veneers, basic teeth whitening and even the use of snap on teeth can create good looks quickly. Listen to one patient who avoided expensive orthognathic surgery with a snapon makeover treatment. Material and video produced through Dr Marc Liechtung and Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Warning: Too Much Bleaching Causes Irreversible Damage
    Enamel Root Damage Dr Manny of Fox TV News interviews teeth whitening dentist Dr Linda Himmerberger about the dangers and potential damage that can occur to our teeth from too much teeth whitening. Tooth enamel characteristics can change for some patients. Implications for patients with gum disease are discussed, highlighting the physical changes that can occur to tooth roots. Material and video produced through Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Home Whitening Kits: The Risks
    Dangerous Whitening Gels Dr Manny of Fox TV News reviews the safety and risk issues of using do it yourself bleaching gels and other compounds in home teeth whitening kits. Tooth enamel and soft tissues can sometimes be affected or compromised to the extent that extra treatment may be needed. Other conditions can even be irreversible. Prolonged exposure to strong oxidizing agents is a considerable risk in teeth bleaching. Material and video produced through Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Whitening Products: Which are Best or Recommended?
    Which teeth whitening products are best? Are they any different? Can I get the same results using at home kits as I can with a product or service provided by a dentist? These questions and more are discussed, along with an explanation of how different types of whitening procedures work differently. Learn important tips to protect against new sensitivity problems. Material and video produced through Dr Jennifer Jablow and Dr Manny of the Fox TV News Network.

  • Attractive Dental Bonding versus Ugly
    Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Composite resin bonding is becoming a popular alternative to expensive veneer treatments. Unlike veneers however, the quality and aesthetic value of a bonded tooth is dependent upon the materials and protocol used ... rather than the technical skills of a dentist. Materials, artistic eye and specific treatment protocol makes the difference in having bonding treatments that make a treated tooth look and feel natural versus a bonded tooth that looks and feels fake. Video animation and narrative produced by 3M - ESPE. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI

  • Crown Manufacturing Process: Ivoclar Vivadent
    Crown Making Process Recommended Viewing for all patients who have ever wondered how premium porcelain crown products are manufactured and fabricated. After watching the entire video patients will have a better understanding of the precision processess and why crowns cannot be reliably modified (made larger, new layers of porcelain, etc) after manufacture. Footage created and published by Ivoclar Vivadent.

  • GERD Reconstruction - Porcelain Crown Rehab
    Acid Erosion GERD Bulimia An interesting video highlighting the steps in successfully treated severe acid damage caused, in this case, by GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) but which is similar to Bulimia treatment caused by voluntary purging. Full upper arch reconstruction was performed with well known Captek Porcelain Crowns. Video sequences produced by Glidewell Laboratories. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy Michigan

  • Frenectomy: Laser Treatment for Tongue Tied Condition
    Tongue Frenectomy Surgery WARNING - This video is GRAPHIC - Watch how a laser is used to remove connective tissue on the underside of a tongue that has historically limited movement of the tongue and has caused speech problems. Pain and discomfort is minimal for this surgery, which typically can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

    Media provided by Dr. Ira Koeppel of Long Island NY.

  • Falling Bridge Caught in Time
    Bad Bridge Causes Bone Loss As soon as a symptom appears suggesting bridge failure, patients should contact their dentist ASAP to diagnose the cause and repair treatment. Left untreated too long, bridges, like implants, can destroy critical bone area. Some patients however, can be lucky to have a second chance of having "almost natural" teeth after a bridge failure. See how a posterior section of an upper arch is prepared to grow new bone and soft tissues that will accommodate new teeth after bone regeneration is completed. Recommended viewing for patients considering a new bridge. Material provided by Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy Michigan

  • Anterior Bridge Placement - Restoration Procedure
    Ivoclar Vivadent Porcelain Crowns Demonstration of proprietary bonding procedure and products for placement of Ivoclar Vivadent IPS Ceramic - Metal multi unit bridge and individual crowns. Procedure sequence begins subsequent to removal of temporary restorations. Watch uses and applications of etching products, IPS MultiLink bonding compounds and adhesives. Video sequences produced by Ivoclar Vivadent. Material provided through Dr. Corinne Scalzitti of Austin Texas

  • Minimally Invasive Gum Recontouring
    Gum Recontouring Lasers Dental lasers are commonly used by skilled dentists for performing gum tissue reshaping and recontouring. Compared to other techniques, dental lasers offer the security of being minimally invasive, requiring a minimum of topical anesthesia. Suturing is eliminated. Lased tissue is self - cauterizing and can be altered with precision. Watch this 2 minute video that represents a gum reshaping procedure for the upper jaw.

    Multimedia file provided by Dr. James Sanderson, Alabama.

  • Replacing Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings
    Amalgam Replacements A detailed live surgery demonstration showing the removal of unwanted amalgam tooth fillings on molars. See the process of removing silver-mercury type fillings and preparation of tooth surfaces for creating healthy bonds for total replacement with composite, non-metalic restorative materials developed by Ivoclar. Video sequences produced by Ivoclar Vivadent. Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian of Troy Michigan

  • Porcelain Crown Removal Demonstration
    Removing Dental Crowns Basic demonstration of porcelain crown removal on upper jaw (maxillary) anterior teeth, in preparation for a full upper arch rehabilitation. Film clip shows popular instruments used by a reconstructive dentist that effectively remove old, worn out or unserviceable restorations without impacting adjacent tooth structures or overall tissue health.

  • Immediate Implant Temporary Crown
    Making Temporary Crowns Many implant patients are faced with the prospect of having missing teeth or even being edentulous from just a few days to a few months. Watch a short demonstration of the creation of a temporary crown for a Nobel Biocare Immediate Load Implant.

  • Gummy Smile Treatment Alternative: Botox© Injections
    Botox Gummy Photos Plastic surgeons and now cosmetic restorative dentists are providing Botox injections to control or influence movement of the upper lip. Targeted injections of Botox relax the muscles so only a predetermined amount of gum tissue is exposed while smiling. Video produced by Fox News.

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