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Cosmetic Implant Replacements: Missing Canines

Missing canines and missing bicuspids are not as rare as some people might think. They represent two of the most common birth defects that can occur in dentition.

Orthodontic movement of teeth is one option for treatment, usually implemented during the younger years. Bridgework is also an option, with a Maryland Bridge as the least invasive method for filling in the gaps with attractive new crowns.

Dental implants are the only product that can stimulate and preserve jawbone in the area in exactly the same fashion that Mother Nature does with natural teeth. Implanted teeth can withstand biting and chewing forces that most bridgework can't.

Edited for time and graphic content, this video represents a visual outline of the steps and protocols for completing dental implant surgery for missing teeth.

Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

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