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Cosmetic Implant Replacements: Broken Front Teeth

Trauma to the upper jaw is an injury that is most commonly associated with a variety of sports activities and motor vehicle accidents. In these types of injuries, the patient's bone health can become just as important, perhaps more so, than the health of any affected teeth.

This male patient sustained multiple injuries that caused an immediate loss of two broken off teeth (at the gum line) and a severe fracture of the remaining central incisor that literally broke in half during the extraction procedure.

In severe cases such as this, the integrity of the jawbone is critical for maintaining overall hard tissue health... not only for the current teeth but for future use of implant devices that require rock solid tissue conditions and good blood supply.

Following extraction of all damaged tissue, Bio-Mend and Colla-Plug Guided Tissue Regeneration membranes and an injectable bone graft matrix product called Bio-Oss is used to regenerate solid bone within the sockets themselves and along all affected areas of the bony ridge.

Multiple uses of the GTR membrane were used as needed to produce the most optimal regrowth of bone in all areas. This material is expected to "dissolve" during a maturation period of 3-5 months. During this maturation period, bone will become more dense and provide a solid foundation for dental implants.

Footage created by Dr. Edward Brant of Long Island NY.

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