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Laser Dentistry: Excess Melanin in Gingival Tissues

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Altering Melanin Pigmentation

Unusual ginigival pigmentation characteristics occur more frequently in some cultures, as compared to others. Persons with genetic ties to Mideastern and South African cultures oftentimes acquire this charaacteristic which is manifested by discolored or splotchy gums.

The Causes of Dark Gum Tissue

In general terms, melanin, carotene and hemoglobin are the common pigments that contribute to the normal color of gum tissue. Certain imbalances of these pigmentation components cause the distortions in cosmetic appearance. In some cases the condition is known as black gums. This includes shade variations of brown or dark splotchy tissues.

Research in Laser Dentistry Applications

Black Gum Laser Treatments Bayside Pictures Several clinical studies were performed comparing the application of different treatment methods (both surgical and non-surgical) and technologies.

The Erbium:YAG Laser was consistently found to provide the most efficient and safe treatment for altering melanin pigmentation in the gingival tissues, thereby aesthetically correcting brown or black gums to a healthy pink color.

Attractive Pink Gums without Surgery

Successful Melanin Removal Pink Gum Laser Treatments Bayside Pictures Some Cosmetic Dentists have the technology and expertise, providing this effective, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that can create healthy uniformly pink gum tissue.

Healthy Pink Gum Tissue - A Realistic Goal

Practically any degree of pigmentation problems can be overcome with today's advanced Erbium Lasers. As our after photo here shows.... pink gums are an attractive cosmetic goal for many our patients.

Typically, laser treatments for removing melanin deposits incorporate a minimum of anesthesia... usually just a topical treatment. The process is practically pain free, both operatively and post operatively. Itchy gums are often reported during the first few days after treatment.

G. Bram, DDS

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Changing Brown Gums to Pink

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