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  • Orthognathic Surgery Alternatives - Unusual growth issues that impact the normal development of the upper and lower jaws, and their alignment, are often treated with Oral Surgery procedures. For mild cases, treatment alternatives exist for some patients.

  • Crown Re-attachment Without a Dentist - Porcelain crowns can become dislodged and fall off at the worst times. Evenings, weekends and holiday seasons when dentists are hard to find or contact. To protect the underlying tooth structure from physical damage and potential infection patients can use commonly available "fix it kits" from national drug store chains. So inexpensive, these do-it-yourself cementation repair kits are recommended for anyone who has dental crowns.

  • Getting it Right the First Time: What Patients Want - As taught in several post graduate training programs, including the renowned Las Vegas Institute (LVI), the degree to which a restorative dentist incorporates occlusal analysis, stone models and diagnostic waxups for virtually all forms of retorative dentistry (crowns, bridges, veneers) can determine the frequency of "getting it right." All too often we hear the horror stories associated with full mouth veneer makeovers, bridgework that fails due to mysterious lateral forces, or patients getting restorative products that are misshaped, too long, too short or some wierd color variation they didn't expect. Learn how dentists who do routinely apply many of the "secrets" taught by advanced cosmetic dentistry programs have a seemingly effortless time in delivering exactly what the patient wants.... with exceptions so rare they are difficult to count.

  • Fixed Bridges: Cemented and Screw Retained - The most common form of installing a fixed bridge is by preparing anchor teeth so they become an integral part of the bridge or by using dental implants. Some types of dental bridges can cause bone loss where there is missing teeth. Implants overcome this issue and are a popular treatment for creating the healthiest bridge possible that preserves bone. Cementation of fixed bridges can make it difficult if not impossible to remove bridgework however. Learn the pros and cons of cemented bridgework versus screw retained. Recommended reading for patients considering fixed bridge treatments.

  • Fixing Cosmetics - Super Glue Magic? - Cosmetic components in dentistry can fail at the most inconvenient times. Although many dental treatments can be primarily reconstructive... they become "importantly cosmetic" when they break, crack, fall off or go bad for any number of reasons. One of the most common repair issues in dental cosmetics is a quickie, band-aid emergency repair of a bridge or denture - partial product. Recommended reading for someone faced with a immediate repair problem.

  • Shifting Teeth after Ortho - Best Fix - Shifting teeth most commonly is used by consumers to describe diastema gaps, loose teeth, tooth rotations, tilting teeth and the re-migration of teeth after ortho treatments. The lack of retainer use is a frequent precursor. For orthodontic movement of teeth, patients may not need to start ortho treatment all over again. Learn about a hybrid clear aligner technology that is specifically designed to create minor ortho needs.

  • Porcelain Veneer Failures: Dynamics of Why and How Veneers Go Bad - In the hands of a skilled and accomplished veneer dentist, today's latest advancements in veneer fabrication and bonding compounds can provide truly dazzling dramatic effects for worn out smiles or the smile that never had the chance to exist. Treatment shortcuts and failed attention to detail that is required for these expensive treatments, nonetheless, can create degrees of failure in a matter of days, weeks or months. Learn about veneer basics for creating picture perfect cosmetic outcomes. Recommended reading for patients investigating lamination procedures or possibly needing a veneer retreatment.

  • Amalgam Filling Replacements Cause Pain - Getting rid of old amalgam fillings is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, more incidents of treatment failures that cause pain and new sensitivity that didn't exist before are also increasing. Learn the technical details of why or how an amalgam replacement can go bad.

  • All Zirconia Implants - While abutments made of zirconia have been the best solution for preventing metallic bleed though of titanium colors into an all porcelain crown, the metallic tint sometimes shows through. New 100 Percent Zironia implants now being developed and used in Europe have all but eliminated this nagging problem for some patients.

  • Dental Facelift versus Modern Cosmetic Facelift - A comparison is made between the growing popularity of facelifts achieved through advanced reconstructive dentistry and traditional Cosmetic Facial Surgery. Dr. Michael Lyons, MD, FACS, of Mobile Alabama outlines and discusses patient choices of procedures and technologies that can produce significant structural and aesthetic changes in facial structures and facial tissues.

  • Eroding Tooth Enamel - Acid Erosion - Consumption of popular soft drinks, energy beverages can erode enamel quickly for some patients. Bulimia purging and GERD can have similar disastrous effects. Other conditions that disturb saliva ph or cause symptoms of Xerostomia (dry mouth) cause a breakdown of the natural mineralization process that can also cause severe enamel damage. Drug abuse that involves methamphetamine products cause similar issues but is commonly referred to as Meth Mouth. Learn about treatment options to conserve or replace damaged enamel.

  • Bone Loss - Causes and Treatment - Mandibular or Maxillary jawbone density problems can develop through disease conditions, trauma and even the way we take care of our teeth.... or don't take care of our teeth. Learn what can be done to thwart certain bone loss issues and some of the popular procedures for treating it. - Written by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Ridge Splitting - Bone Grafts: The FIX for No Bone - More and more denture wearers who have been using denture products since an early age are discovering that jawbone material has eroded so much that dentures can no longer be used. Jawbone can also be lost due to the failure of treating extracted teeth. Learn how some dentists are using special instruments and pulverized bone graft material to create new bone.

  • Reducing Gum Exposure - It is not uncommon to have a gummy smile caused by an upper lip that rides up too high when smiling broadly. Learn how periodontal procedures can alter connective tissues that controls excess movement of the upper lip resulting in an attractive smile that isn't too gummy.

  • Adult Orthodontics - Invisalign Teeth Straightening Choice - Many adults, young and old, but especially the older group, have orthodontic issues that weren't treated during developmental years, becoming worse for some. Others have orthodontic issues arise from causes that occur later in life (odd occlusion, trauma, bad dentistry). Wearing ugly metal braces are inconvenient and unappealing which has made Invisalign one of the most popular choices for getting straight teeth without the metal stuff.

  • The Art and Science of Smile Makeovers - 10 Factors - Truly creative dentists who focus much of their practice on cosmetic dentistry tend to follow a set of rules or guidelines for maximizing the probability of achieving the precise aesthetic result their patients want. Learn more about what some of these factors are - Authored by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee WI

  • Repair and Replacements: Reconstructive Enamel Treatment - Tooth enamel can become damaged or compromised in various ways. Genetics, eating habits, GERD and purging, just to name a few. See and learn about the different causes and possible treatment choices. - Authored by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee

  • Crown Failures - An Anatomy of Why and How Crowns Fail Two articles written on the subject by 2 renowned California and Wisconsin Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentists. Learn about the diagnostic methods and insights that have an easily comprehended logical approach

  • Treating Diastema - Gaps Between Teeth - A fairly common cosmetic dentistry procedure that can be managed through more than one technique. Learn more about which procedure... bonding, porcelain veneers, dental crowns or the use of a bridge represents the best informed choice possible

  • Flossing Your Way to Health - Flossing can be vital to your overall well being and not just for the health of the teeth and gums. Learn more about how flossing helps to prevent the occurence of what afflicts 80% of all adult Americans.... Gingivitis (early periodontal disease) - by Dr James H Doundoulakis

  • Computer Guided Implant Surgery - Comparison of SimPlant technology (developed by Materialize) and NobelGuide (developed by Nobel Biocare) for use in achieving optimal placement of implant devices for individual or total tooth replacement.

  • Making Black, Dark or Brown Gums Pink - Unique applications of dental laser technology can effectively treat the problems of spotty, purple, black or entirely brown gums due to excess melanin deposits. Make gums pink again without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Teeth Whitening: Fact and Fiction - Learn what works and what doesn't work with teeth whitening procedures. Cites an unusual study comparing different types of teeth whitening procedures

  • Osseointegration - Process for Successful Implants - From tooth extraction to successful integration necessary for implant success. Learn the details and implications for different types of implant procedures.

  • Sedation Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry Patients - Certain makeover and reconstructive procedures can involve extended diagnostics and treatments that can become uncomfortable at times. Learn how principles of sedation dentistry can be used for assuring patient comfort throughout an entire treatment plan. - by Dr. Ron Briglia of West Chester Pennsylvania

  • Avoiding Treatment Failures: Learn about the importance of Articulators and how they are used by skilled dentists for monitoring bite and occlusal issues in diagnosis and successful treatment. - Written by Dr. Richard Winter of Milwaukee

  • Dental Sealants: Do They Work? Learn the basic principles of how tooth decay gets started and how it can affect individual tooth structures differently, depending upon the location. Sealants can play an important role in providing a barrier in areas where the risk of caries is the greatest.

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