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Individuals or families needing dental treatment may be able to find help with financial resources by finding and contacting various public and private health resources.

For qualifying families and individuals, local community, city, state and federally supported public health programs can offer assistance for obtaining public and dental health services.

Each agency or program will have their own eligibility requirements. Visit the Free Dentistry Directory for more information.

Another resource for some individuals would be the local dental schools. Most of the university based dental school programs located throughout the United States have different forms of assistance for persons seeking dental treatments.

Contact the dental school in your state for information and elgibility requirements.

Becoming a participant in dental research may also be an excellent resource for some individuals or families. Visit Dental Health Research to determine if any research projects are active in your area.

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Cosmetic (esthetic) Dentistry in this area is a conceptual entity involving restorative reconstructive dental procedures producing aesthetic outcomes with local dentist procedures offered by preferred practice are best verified by the local patient

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