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Pre Treatment Dental Cosmetics: Cause and Effect

Bad teeth is something that just about everyone can appreciate at one time or other during their years of practicing oral health care. Patients who have the resources to be diligent and mindful of the recommendations of their dentist tend to experience the bad teeth phenomenon at least temporarily.

For the rest of us... who've had to forestall treatments for a period of time ..have had varying degrees of experience with the dental conditions that are graphically depicted in this Picture Gallery.

Treatment Needs - Choices

This gallery is an index of before photos only... with descriptions of the reasons causing the dental problem. After photos are not provided, replaced instead with suggested or recommended treatment solutions.

Treatment plans recommended by dentists typically vary from dentist to dentist. The treatment choices offered to a patient for a particular oral health need are substantially a function of the doctors training, access to technologies and cumulative experience of treating different types of conditions.

The treatment suggestions are provided as a tool for investigating the availability of treatment options rather than a singular treatment recommendation. Patients may discover that finding the best dental solution for them ... may require a search for proven talent and skill that oftentimes may only be located through regional or state wide dental practices (usually in metropolitan areas).

Bad Veneers: Falling Off - Fractured - Broken - Poor Bonding

Bonding surfaces prepared for veneer and crown treatments can easily fail if proper diligence and oral health care habits, as taught by the dentist, are not routinely practiced by the patient. See more examples of Veneer Failure
Severe Veneer Bonding Leakage

Invisalign Candidates: Orthodontic Treatment Possibilities for Adults

Many adult patients, young and old, have made Invisalign orthodontic treatments a popular choice for resolving a variety of bite correction needs... from minor to severe. Our photo gallery provides a glimpse of some common and uncommon treatment possibilities. See more examples of Invisalign Treatment Possibilities.
Invisalign Treatment Possibilities

Bridgework Failures: Cracked, Broken, Leakage and Decay

Cemented bridgework and even implant supported bridges can fail... for numerous reasons. For bondedBonding surfaces prepared for veneer and crown treatments can easily fail if proper diligence and oral health care habits, as taught by the dentist, are not routinely practiced by the patient. See more examples of Bridges gone bad
Crazy Super Glue Bridge Repair

Birth Defects: Small - Missing Teeth - Extra Tooth

Congenitally missing incisors is perhaps one of the most common forms of genetic defects in dentistry. While the cause is practically identical for all affected patients.... the possibilities for tooth damage are substantially different. See more examples of Congenital Teeth Defects.
Congenitally Missing Incisor Teeth

Acid Erosion of Dental Enamel

Certain food products and common stomach acid can destroy the enamel of our teeth. Bulimia, purging, GERD and other causes of stomach acid coming in contact with natural teeth produce cumulative effects of damage. Popular soda pop beverages and energy drinks can also have acidic properties. Lastly, certain strengths of critic acid, as found in lemons, can cause similar irreversible damage. See more examples of Acid Damage.
Acid Destruction

Transparent - Translucent Teeth

Unusual transparency or translucency problem associated with lower anterior teeth. Most of the remaining natural tooth structures have varying degrees of abnormal or unnatural tooth coloration. Treatment needs are complicated by certain neurological dentistry factors that are causing occlusal problems. See more examples of Transparent Enamel.
Tooth Enamel Destruction

Advanced Gum Disease - Periodontitis Gingivitis

Advanced Periodontal Disease, Lost dental papilla, Periodontal Pockets, Drifting Teeth, Gum Recession, Bone Loss, Tooth Abrasion, Tooth Erosion, inadequate attached gingiva, diastema, bad bite, bad occlusion. See more examples of Destructive Gum Disease
Severe Gum Disease Bone Loss

Severe Breakage: Broken Teeth

Severe breakage of tooth structures accelerates the destruction or disruption of the bite and occlusion (occlusal relationship) that creates a visicious cyle of worsening dental health. The intitial causes can be minor... but left untreated can develop into what is seen here. See more examples of Broken Teeth
Busted Broken Teeth

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