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Causes of Tooth Transparency

Certain developmental issues that interfere with normal tooth development (i.e., osteogenesis imperfecta) can cause conditions of fragile and/or transparent teeth.

The normal aging process can also cause a gradual development of tooth transparency, a process that is related to the physical properties of tooth dentin. Normal dentin can become sclerotic with age.

The overall health of dentin tubules play a determining role in the coloration of teeth. Changes in the characteristics of dentin tubules caused by different types or uses of teeth whitening products have also been associated, for some patients, with an increase in tooth sensitivity.

This gallery contains different examples of transparent teeth conditions for a variety of patient populations with casual factors that may be known or only suspected.

A male patient with an unusual transparency or translucency problem associated with his lower anterior teeth. The upper anteriors are porcelain crowns. Most of the remaining natural tooth structures have varying degrees of abnormal or unnatural tooth coloration. Treatment needs are complicated by certain neurological dentistry factors that are causing occlusal problems.

Treatment possibilities may include multiple crowns, veneers, bridgework, fixed bridges, dental implants that can be used in different combinations to address functional dentistry needs and aesthetic qualities desired by the patient.

Transparent Manbibular Anterior Teeth
Transparent Teeth Translucency
Paul Sussman, DMD

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